Atari Mania Is Like WarioWare With Atari Games | New Gameplay Today

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In today’s installment of New Gameplay Today, your hosts Wesley LeBlanc and Kyle Hilliard discuss Atari Mania, the new Atari microgame collection that plays like WarioWare. Both take you through the opening of the game, showing you how to do things in this Atari museum as its sole caretaker, from dusting to killing bugs and more.

The two also discuss how presenting Atari games like WarioWare as microgame collections is the perfect way to showcase these classic titles. It doesn’t hurt that the museum experience in the game gives players the chance to admire high-quality screens of classic Atari game box art, game manuals, and more. Check it out for yourself in Atari Mania New Gameplay Today below,

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