CD Projekt Red Announces New Cyberpunk Game, Multiple Witcher Games, And New IP

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CD Projekt Red has taken the wraps off its game development pipeline, revealing a new cyberpunk game, several new Witcher games, and even a new IP.

The news comes today via the studio’s investor call, in which the studio revealed the codename Orion for its next cyberpunk game. not much came out, but CDPR says Orion “Cyberpunk will take the franchise further and continue to harness the potential of this dark future universe.”

Next was The Witcher. CDPR has revealed that its next Witcher game, which was announced earlier this yearbeing developed under the codename polaris, The studio says “this is the start of a new saga” and aims to release two more The Witcher games after Polaris, creating a new AAA RPG called The Witcher Trilogy.

Following that revelation, CDPR announced (presumably) another “full-blown” Witcher game under the codename canis majoris, It will be developed by an external studio led by experienced developers who have worked on CDPR’s Witcher games in the past, according to the announcement.

we have known for some time that Molasses is working on a game in the Flood Witcher universeAnd during today’s investor call, CDPR released some additional details about the project,

“is a codename for a game developed by Sirius [The Molasses Flood]Set in The Witcher Universe and created with the support of CDPR,” one tweet read. “It will be different from our previous productions, offering multiplayer gameplay on top of a single-player experience, featuring a campaign and a The story is also included.”

To kick off today’s “new game” announcement, CDPR revealed Project Hader, a third “completely different IP built from scratch.” According to the studio, the project is in the early stages of the creative process, meaning it’s not actually developing any games yet. For now, the CDPR is “working exclusively on the foundation of this new setting”.

And those are all new games and projects that CDPR announced today. As you can see, the studio is quite busy.

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