Control 2 In ‘Concept Stage’ As Remedy Announces Development Deal With 505 Games

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Remedy Entertainment has announced a new deal with publisher 505 Games to co-develop and market Control 2. The news also provided insight into the status of the sequel’s development.

according to a Press release, Control 2 (which was once codenamed Heron) is currently in the concept stage, being built into the Remedy-owned Northlight engine. The game will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Remedy will publish the PC version while 505 will handle the console release of the game. Control 2 has no release window, but Remedy released a piece of concept art, posted below.

The press release also stated that Control 2’s development budget was initially 50 million euros. Remedy and 505 will equally split marketing and development costs, as well as the revenue generated from its release. However, Remedy has full ownership of Control IP. The press release also reveals that the first Control has sold over 3 million copies since its launch in 2019.

“We are excited to deepen our collaboration with Remedy and continue the Control success story together,” say Rami and Rafi Galante, Co-CEOs of Digital Bros Group/505 Games. “… Control is 505 Games’ biggest investment to date, so it holds a special place in our hearts. We are grateful to the entire player community that has made Control such a long-lasting and favorite game, and Control Even more excited to bring 2.

This announcement was first teased last June, when Remedy and the 505 revealed plans for new triple-A control experiences. The same update also revealed an upcoming multiplayer spin-off title known as Project Condor. Earlier this year, Remedy also struck a deal with Rockstar for development remake of max payne 1 and 2,

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