Cozy Grove developer Spry Fox joins Netflix Games

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Spree Fox, developer of games like Cozy Grove and Alphabears, is joining Netflix Games to become the company’s sixth in-house game studio. news was announced Via a blog post on the Spree Fox websiteWhich also answers some questions about the future of the studio.

Spree Fox says the partnership won’t change any of their upcoming plans, meaning Cozy Grove 2 and their eponymous nonviolent MMO will still be developed as planned. Instead, Netflix will provide them with financial support, which Spree Fox says will allow them to “stress off” how their games will generate profits. Despite all of Netflix’s current games being available through its mobile app, the blog post doesn’t mention anything about platform exclusivity.

Spree Fox joins five other in-house game developers at Netflix: Next Games (Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales), Night School Studios (Oxenfree), Boss Fight Entertainment (Dungeon Boss), and two internal ones in Helsinki, Finland and Southern California. studio.

Netflix launched its game collection a year ago, in November of 2021. Currently, subscribers can play more than 30 games on their mobile app, including Into the Breach, Spiritfire, and PoinPie. On top of that, Netflix has Over 50 games in development, Have you got a chance to play any game on the Netflix app? Tell us in the comments.

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