Dead Island 2 Was Always Going To Be Set In Los Angeles, Even After Three Developers

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dead island 2 announced just a few years after the first’s release dead Island And a year after the Dead Island Riptide – forgettable and repetitive sequel It did, at least in part, continue the story of the survivors of the first game. Publisher Deep Silver released a few spinoffs after Riptide, such as escape dead island, Dead Island: Pandemicand 16-bit beat up dead island retro revengeBut a full-scale, numbered sequel has yet to materialize, despite being announced nearly a decade ago.

The first iteration of Dead Island 2 was handled by Spec Ops: The Line developer Yager after Dead Island developer Techland parted ways with the assets and worked on Dying Light. Deep Silver handed over game development to LittleBigPlanet 3 Developer Sumo Digital in 2016But then, in 2019, Deep Silver announced that Homefront: The Revolution Developer Dambuster Studios will handle Dead Island 2, And that studio is working on this game since 2018. In my cover story visit to Dambuster’s Nottingham, England studio, various members of the team told me it started with a fresh, clean slate for Dead Island 2. But curiously, Dead Island 2, due in aprilStill is set in Los Angeles, California, the setting revealed in the game’s first reveal trailer in 2014.

Despite seemingly having the opportunity to make Dead Island 2 all it wanted, Stuck with Dambuster L.A., affectionately referred to in-game and by the studio as Hell-A. I asked sports director David Stanton about this decision and apparently, a different setting was never really on the table.

“I don’t remember there being much debate about doing anything other than L.A.,” Stenton told me. “I think for us, we wanted to have a real focus on the game … to the combat and that extends to the setting as well. L.A. is such a great iconic location, we didn’t really feel like we had to Need to move to another area.

Stenton is pointing to the game’s original logo when it first surfaced in 2014. The D in “Dead” has the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco’s iconic landmark. Dambuster tells me that Dead Island 2 will take place exclusively in Los Angeles, so don’t plan on making your way to San Francisco or any of the other California locations in the main campaign.

Stanton says, “It gave us so much opportunity … to be the game we wanted to make, so it wasn’t really a big debate.”

Dead Island 2 Dambuster Studios Deep Silver

However, it’s important to note what the team says about sticking with L.A., despite using the same location from the original reveal — the location fans have assumed Dead Island 2 has been going on for nearly a decade — It doesn’t hurt the marketing of the game. While the team is confident that L.A. is the place for its zombie game, it may have also decided to stick with the location that fans have assumed for so long as the setting for this sequel.

“We started with a clean slate, of course, with our vision,” says Stenton. “We are not looking too much at what happened in the past or looking at a lot of other sports. We’re really focused on, ‘How do we want to make Dead Island 2 absolutely extraordinary?’ and update it and deliver a game that we think fans will really enjoy.

For more, read our feature on why Dambuster Studios thinks Los Angeles makes a great Dead Island experience, even though the city isn’t an actual island.

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