Deathloop Hits Xbox Next Week, New Update Includes Extended Ending, Crossplay, And More

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Deathloop, the PlayStation 5-exclusive game developed by Arcane Studios that released last year, is finally coming to Xbox next week. Plus, a new update for the game, which will be available on all platforms, includes an extended ending for Deathloop, crossplay, and other additional features.

More specifically, Deathloop will hit Xbox Series/X and PC on September 20th, and if you’re a Game Pass member, it’ll be available there on day one. It will also launch on PlayStation Plus that day, which means all Extra and Premium members can download it as well. The Goldenloop update will go live on all platforms that day and will add new enemies, weapons, abilities, and more to Deathloop.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect:


PSN, Xbox, Steam, the Epic Games Store and the Microsoft Store will have crossplay for PvP matchmaking, and you can set your cross-platform matchmaking settings to “none” (all platforms) or “same” (just your platform). Huh. ) You can also adjust your crossplay settings depending on the controller, which means you can make it where you’ll only play against players using the same controller, or you can make it so that any controller is yours. be against.

“The Xbox console and PC versions will also feature cross-purchase and cross-save, so if you purchase Deathloop through the Microsoft Store on Xbox or PC, you’ll be able to play it on your other Microsoft platforms and pick up from there.” . You left,” Bethesda says in a new blog post About today’s news.

New Ability: Fugue

This new ability consists of a projectile that you can throw to slow down and confuse your targets, temporarily (and briefly) rendering them harmless. Bethesda says this essentially makes them “Tipsy.” Fugue will also include four explorable upgrades:

  • coda: extended period
  • earworm: Cast a Fugue “Mine” on a Surface
  • discord: The target becomes hostile towards his allies
  • word shrinkage: Upon target’s death, Fugue affects nearby enemies

Bethesda Teases You Might Be Able to Find Fugue’s Ability Carl’s Bay during the afternoon.

New Weapon: Halps Prototype

According to Bethesda, this new energy-based rifle fires a continuous laser-like beam that rips through enemies with precision. You can also fire the beam at a turret or security camera to refract the beam and hit your enemies with bank shots.

New Enemy: Paint-bomber

Paint-bombers are new NPC enemies that carry bandoliers of paint-filled explosives to themselves, and when close to you, they’ll explode in colorful fashion.

New Ability Upgrades: New Upgrades to Juliana’s Masquerade Ability

Juliana’s masquerade ability was previously the only one in Deathloop without its own upgrades, but the Goldenloop update changes that.

  • ensemble: Target up to three NPCs with Masquerade
  • Improvement: Regenerate health on NPCs using Masquerade
  • exposure: When an NPC affected by Masquerade dies or spots a Colt, the Colt is automatically tagged
  • Secret: Damage done while using Masquerade is converted into energy

New 2-in-1 Trinket

Bethesda says it’s added 19 new trinkets to the Deathloop, but these trinkets aren’t what you won’t because they’re 2-in-1 trinkets that add to the abilities of two already in the game. For example, the new Wrecking Ball trinket fuses the existing Sprinter (move fast) and Unstoppable Force (damages the enemy by running into them) trinkets. It also mixes deep pockets (carrying more ammo) with rolling stab n grab (get melee ammo).

Finally, Bethesda teased the new ending of Deathloop, saying that there are other surprises in the game now as well.
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Are you excited to play Deathloop for the first time on Xbox or play it again on PlayStation? Let us know in the comments below!

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