Destiny 2 Lightfall Coming In February, Season Of Plunder Launching Today

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Today’s Destiny 2 showcase brings us a wealth of new information about the ongoing live game. There’s a lot to get excited about for longtime fans as well as potential newcomers. We got a glimpse of the upcoming February expansion titled Lightfall, new information on the upcoming green-hued strand subclasses, and an early look at what to expect from the new season, which launches today, means booty season. This is accompanied by a number of changes coming to the core game experience.

Lightfall will arrive on February 28, 2023. The expansion represents the “beginning of the end” of the Light and Darkness saga that has been unfolding for several years now. In the story, Callus returns from his dialogue with the Witness, and takes on his reformed army, called the Shadow Legion, and overtakes Neptune. We learn that since the fall, a different branch of humanity has flourished on a distant planet, including a neon-lit city called Neomuna. The city is guarded by a warrior race called the Cloudstriders, who fulfill a common goal for the Neptune civilization as do the Guardians on Earth.

Facing the Shadow Legion with new Strand powers, players can expect to explore this futuristic metropolis during the events of Lightfall. This latest set of subclasses gives the Guardian new tools, including a grappling hook that can traverse the space between realms, and swing to virtually any destination. In addition to melee, each class has new goodies to look forward to exploring. Become enchanters telekinetic masters who unleash missiles that unravel in swirling threads of destruction wherever they strike. Titans can wield long claws that they can use to bite their opponents. And hunters gain access to a rope dart-style Super.

Guardians are likely to need those new powers in order to face the enemies in store for them. In addition to the new Darkness-infused Cabal Warriors, along with Calus’s forces comes a new Pyramid unit: The Tormentor is a giant foe who wields a scythe in battle, and is apparently trying to disrupt a fight with enormous force. is designed to. In addition, following the positive response to the famous campaign of the Witch Queen, players can expect a new legendary campaign in Lightfall, which is set to offer impressive challenges and tailored rewards.

Beyond the expansion stuff, Bungie shines a spotlight on some of its other efforts on the way to Destiny 2 in 2023. The team is working hard to make build-crafting more focused, and a mod manager to make it easier to do with both. and loadout tools. The team is reworking the Destiny experience to make it easier for newcomers to understand and play the game, including a more structured and navigable path through content, which also includes something called Guardian Ranks. These ranks let you gradually showcase your abilities and show them to others in the game world, so players can more easily find experienced partners to tackle new content. There’s a clear effort to reward good play, leadership, and collaborative experiences with others, with a new functionality in group seek, and the ability to apply praise to your fellow players after an event has been completed.

While 2023 looks bright, the showcase also revealed details about loot season, which is launching today. Given the name, it should come as no surprise that the next several months are focused on pirate-themed adventures.

In the story, Aramis (whom we defeated in the Beyond Light campaign) is freed and begins to gather the dispossessed Fallon and Cabal’s staff at his side, to recover the lost dark relics hidden throughout the system. going out for To thwart those efforts, you’ll build your own pirate crew, recruit new members to your team during the season, and even navigate your own Fallen Ketch ship on your adventures. Too. Many new activities are included in those pirate experiences. Catch Crash is a type of ship-to-ship attack in which you launch yourself from your ketch onto an enemy ship to clear the deck and stop their attempts. Expedition is an activity where you’ll guide a massive exercise for the remains of buried treasure while defending it from enemies. And Pirate Base is a third new activity, in which you’ll infiltrate places where enemy pirate captains have hidden their loot.

As long-promised, this new season comes complete with a reworking of the Arc subclass, which allows for the same kind of build-crafting that’s already available for Void and Solar, not the Stasis subclass. to refer to its original form. Ark’s new act focuses on speed and up-close aggression. The enchantments transform themselves into a type of survival arc attack. The Hunters acquire the Gathering Storm Super that lets them take out a staff that pulsates with arc energy. Titans get a new movement called the Thruster that acts a bit like Hunter’s Dodge, allowing you to quickly close distances or edge yourself quickly. Titans also get a new Charge Melee for playing, which can kill opponents in PVP, among other things.

Longtime Destiny fans will be pleased to hear about the return of King’s Fall Raid this season – one of Destiny’s biggest and most elaborate raids, in which players take on Oryx, the Taken King.

Bungie also announced that they’re ending the expansion’s sunset starting now, so players can expect to experience what’s in the game in the lead-up to the saga’s finale. The team is making every effort to make the game inviting for new players, including launching on a new platform. epic games store, and gifting new players with a Thundergod arc-oriented gear set to keep them hooked once they start playing, which instantly delivers cool gear and a cool alien – Thunderlord. Plus, for players interested in seeing what the game has to offer, all of the expansions are available for free this week, so you can find exactly what you want.

It’s an exciting time for Destiny enthusiasts, and it’s clear that Bungie has a clear roadmap for making the game compelling in the months ahead. Good luck to all Guardians as you begin your quest for the new Ark Reworks, and don’t forget to hoist the main sail as you begin your pirate adventures later today.

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