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My fingers hurt for hours after playing Diablo Immortal; My hands haven’t spent that much time around my phone like this in years. Despite the pain my aging hands ached during my first few days with Amar, it was well worth the fun I had. The series’ core action/RPG smash and smash gameplay makes the transition to mobile thanks to responsive controls designed for portable play and adherence to the franchise’s sights and sounds. With this mobile facelift comes a free-to-play model that most people can avoid spending money on, but certain parts of its monetization model spoil the game. This is disappointing, as the game offers an otherwise robust experience.

Immortals feels thematically and aesthetically like a modern Diablo game, and it often reminds me of a great mobile version of Diablo 3. Choosing between the six available classes – Barbarian, Sorcerer, Demon Hunter, Necromancer, Crusader, or Monk – you soon discover fragments of the broken Worldstone, a vital relic of the previous games. Despite being immortalized in the 20 years between the events of Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, the narrative is ripe with surprisingly entertaining lore. A demon named Skarn aims to fill the power gap left after the fall of Diablo and Baal, creating more chaos for the sometimes peaceful plane of the Sanctuary. Classic characters like Deckard Kane return, while newcomers like Jin and Raik expand the established Diablo narrative in ways I appreciate.

Playing Diablo Immortal is a treat; The intuitive and responsive touch controls are some of the best I’ve used in a mobile game, except for a few minor hiccups. The skill can be demonstrated by touching the area around the virtual button and aiming with the swipe of my thumb. Launching a fireball or drowning your character in a demonic horde feels great this way. Still, there’s room for improvement in hit detection for some ranged attacks that miss when they appear on target, leading to some frustrating moments in the heat of the fight.

Adventures around the Sanctuary’s areas reveal other players taking out with monsters, saying Immortals is an MMO by nature. While this design choice abandons the traditional random generation of a world map, I became fond of how lively each area felt with real people in the area. There are lots of ways to group with others in Immortal. This includes 8-player warbands for larger 100-player clans as well as tight-knit squads that can show their allegiance to the PvP factions known as Immortals and Shadows. I love getting a group together to run a four-player dungeon or even teaming up with someone on the fly to clear area bounties and complete some quests on the Battle Pass. Is.

As a free-to-play game, Diablo Immortal has few monetization options. In my experience, you can play just about every aspect of the game without paying a penny, and I appreciate the case. A premium Battle Pass (paired with a free reward track) and cosmetics for sale in the shop are among the less intrusive expenses, implemented in a way that doesn’t feel exploitative. What is concerning, however, is that some items are extremely limited to free-to-play players, but are available for a real-money fee. These summits provide legendary gems with variable star ranks and stats that greatly benefit endgame progression. Not only is this special crest extremely difficult to get for non-paying players, but the prospect of dropping high-quality gems even when you’re spending a lot of cash makes this part of the free-to-play system disgusting. Is. Seeing as how I’m happy with most other aspects of Diablo Immortal, the monetization system that currently exists is just too frustrating and really silly to have an otherwise great experience.

I was looking for a substantial Diablo experience to play with Immortal on my phone, and it often reaches that bar. While I find myself getting deeper into Endgame until Blizzard fixes issues with legendary gems, I still plan to spend hours in Diablo Immortal, leveling up a character in every class. And play until your hands hurt.

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