Draw Conclusions In Obsidian’s Pentiment This November

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Pentiment, Obsidian Entertainment’s medieval fiction adventure title, is coming November 15. We first learned during the project xbox games showcase in June.

The game’s art direction imitates medieval manuscript drawings and woodcut prints, while the story takes place in 16th-century Bavaria. You play as an illustrator wrapped up in a series of murders over 25 years. You will engage in choice-driven conversations where your decisions move the plot forward and create lasting consequences in a story that expands into a larger plot. Watch the original reveal trailer below to see it in action.

Paintings are created by a small team within Obsidian, led by director Josh Sawyer. You can pick it up on Xbox consoles and PC (the first day on Game Pass). After the release of 1.0, it will be the second game to ship Obsidian this year. Grounded in September,

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