Elden Ring’s Colosseums Finally Open In Free PVP Update Tomorrow

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Hey Elden Ring fans, remember the Colosseum you haven’t been able to enter since launch? Those doors will finally open tomorrow due to the arrival of the free PvP update.

The aptly dubbed Colosseum update 1.08 has become accessible to previously closed arenas in Limgrave, Calede and Lindell, hosting competitive one-on-one duels, team battles and free-for-all fights between players . It’s unclear what you’ll earn for winning other than personal glory, but it’s good to see that the fog has finally lifted over these mysterious places. Check out the trailer below.

This could be the start of a big week for Eldon Ring, as it could walk away with the Game of the Year trophy during this week. sports awards, You can read our review of Elden Ring Here,

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