Final Fantasy 16 Producer To Appear At The Game Awards As Release Date Speculation Ramps Up

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final fantasy xvi received a few trailers throughout the years, and it’s set to arrive on PlayStation 5 and PC next summer. But an exact release date is still unknown. However, in recent weeks, speculation about a release date has begun to abound, with some predicting an FFXVI appearance at The Game Awards next month.

Today’s Official TGA Twitter Account FFXVI producer Naoki Yoshida added fuel to that fire by revealing, who we interviewed about the game earlier this summer, will be presenting on the show this year. Also, he is being welcomed to give “a very special live presentation”. What this means remains unknown, but all signs point to something to do with FFXVI. Maybe he’ll be playing the game live, or maybe The Game Awards Orchestra will perform an arrangement titled The Game. Regardless, many are speculating that it’s during The Game Awards, specifically Yoshida’s segment, that we’ll finally get an FFXVI release date.

What’s more, however, FFXVI was recently rated in Brazil, as reported video game chronicle, As expected, the game is rated mature here, Classification System Brasileiro FFXVI has been determined “not recommended for children under 16” as a result of the game’s “sexual content, sensitive issues and violence”. VGC, This rating doesn’t technically mean anything officially, but ratings usually point to later releases. However, Square Enix says that FFXVI is coming in the summer of 2023, so soon There may be a relative here. Maybe it will release as early as summer, but it could also be released later, like in August. Only time will tell.

However, Yoshida said back in April FFXVI nears end of development, then it looks like The Game Awards could be kicking off the game’s ramp-up for release. In the meantime, Watch the Latest “Ambition” FFXVI Trailer and then check out our Interview with Yoshida about icons, boss fights, and when we’ll see more,

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