Hellena Taylor Says Bayonetta 3 Absence Due To “Immoral” Compensation, Calls For Fans To Boycott The Game

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issue a warning: The following article mentions depression and suicide

One of the most prominent elements of Bayonetta 3 is Platinum’s decision to replace Bayonetta’s voice actor. From Helena Taylor to Jennifer Hale, Taylor played the Umbra Witch in the first two games, but Platinum reported in our cover story that she would not reprise the role due to “various overlapping circumstances”. Taylor was largely silent on the issue, possibly due to a non-disclosure agreement, but broke his silence with a fiery message claiming “immoral” compensation from Platinum as her role was recast. was.

one in twitter thread, Taylor shared a three-part video message where she explains how things fell apart between her and Platinum. She says that when Bayonetta 3 was in development, she needed to re-audition for the role, which is standard practice because a performer’s voice can change with age. Taylor says she passed “with flying colours”, with Platinum describing her as an “outrageous proposition”.

Taylor says she wrote to Platinum co-founder and Bayonetta 3 supervising director Hideki Kamiya demanding “what I deserve” directly. He claims that Kamiya responded by expressing his value for his talent and his popularity with the fanbase. Platinum then offered her a flat rate of $4,000 for the entire voiceover work.

“The Bayonetta franchise made about $450 million. That doesn’t include merchandise,” Taylor says. given to. I am asking fans to boycott this game and instead spend the money you would have spent on this game. I didn’t want the world. I didn’t ask for much. I was just seeking a decent, respectable living. What they did was legal, but it was immoral.”

Taylor, a classically trained actor, writer and director, says she is calling for the boycott as a show of solidarity for low-wage workers. She comments on England’s cost of living and wage issues, saying, “Nurses are going to food banks to feed their children. It’s not right, it’s not acceptable. It affects mental health. ” Taylor says that the financial struggle caused her depression and anxiety to such an extent that she had at one point committed suicide.

“I’m not afraid of non-disclosure agreements,” Taylor says. “I can’t even afford to drive a car. What are they going to do, take my clothes? Best wishes to them.”

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As for Platinum’s statement that scheduling conflicts were the reason for Taylor’s reorganization, she replies by saying:

“Platinum had the cheek to say I was busy, that they ‘couldn’t work with Ms Taylor’s schedule’ while I had nothing but time.”

Taylor then commented on replacing Jennifer Hale, saying:

“He now has a new girl voicing him. And I love the actors, I wish them all the happiness in the world, I wish them all the jobs. But she has no right to say that.” Not that she is the voice of Bayonetta. I made that voice. Despite having the rights to sign me as Eva Green, she no longer has the rights to sign the goods as Bayonetta, even though I am in the video He had a parrot on the game The Golden Compass. That illustration is him and his alone.”

Taylor ends by saying, “They’ll probably try to do a spin-off with Jean. Don’t buy that either.”

Hideki Kamiya Appears tweeted a responseWriting “Sad and reprehensible about the attitude of untruth. That’s all I can tell now.”

So there it is. We’ll see how or outright Platinum reacts (especially legally since Taylor is clearly breaking an NDA), but it’s a nasty PR blow for the studio to come so close to Bayonetta 3’s release. A vocal sect of hardcore Bayonetta fanbase already suspected that there was much more to the voiceover change than what Platinum said; Some hoped that the multifaceted story presented the possibility that Helena still appeared as a Bayonetta version. Apparently not, and it will be interesting to see if the boycott gains any traction.

Bayonetta 3 will launch for Switch on October 28.

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