Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope Gets Three Expansions Next Year

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Ubisoft has prepared a post-launch content roadmap for Mario + Rabbids’ Sparks of Hope. Owners of the game’s Season Pass, whether purchased separately for $29.99 or bundled in the game’s $89.99 Gold Edition, have three big adventures aimed at sticking to the game in 2023.

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It all starts early next year with the first expansion, Tower of Doom (his spelling, not mine). It features a new combat mode where the team must fight their way up to Madame Bostrella’s multi-story tower to save Spawny, the visor-rocking rabid, from Kingdom Battles. It’s important to note that Tower of Doom will be exclusive to the Season Pass, which means you won’t be able to purchase it separately.

The second untitled DLC is due out in mid-2023. So far, we only know that it takes players to a new planet with never-before-seen enemies, allies and secrets, and a new adversary. In the end, Rayman crashes the party in the final detail to end the year. Ubisoft’s limbless hero joins Rabid Peach and Rabid Mario on an isolated adventure in a new location. Unlike Tower of Doom, the second and third expansions can be purchased a la carte.

I thoroughly enjoyed Mario + Rabbids’ Sparks of Hope, giving it a score of 9 out of 10. In my review, which you can read HereI wrote that the game “builds on the foundation of Kingdom Battle with smart tweaks and fun additions to emerge as a better game in every way.”

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