Metal Gear Solid Producer Says 2023 Will Be ‘A Year Of Many Announcements’

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Metal Gear Solid creator and Death Stranding director Hideo Kojima and Metal Gear Solid publisher Konami split with another one in 2015 and since then, the famed MGS series hasn’t had a mainline entry (though there was metal gear survive is not very good in 2018).

While there’s no reason to believe that Kojima and Konami will be teaming up again anytime soon, it seems likely that the latter may be preparing some sort of return to MGS. In a recent issue, longtime MGS producer Noriyaki Okamura wrote famitsu As reported that “2023 will be the year of many announcements”. Gematsu,

in the end-of-the-year special issue famitsu, several Japanese developers and producers wrote quick teases about what 2023 might hold for them. This is where Okamura teased that 2023 will be a year of announcements for Konami Digital Entertainment. More specifically, he said “besides [the educational edition of Momotaro Dentetsu announced last year]2023 will be the year of many announcements,” and his keyword for 2023 is “the long-awaited”, as noted by Gematsu,

Now, this could be his way of saying that overall Konami will make some announcements and maybe some of them will be long awaited by fans. However, given that it’s Okamura – a longtime MGS producer – saying this, there’s reason to believe that perhaps he’s teasing a return to the MGS series. Maybe we’re getting a remake of one of the games, or maybe a new mainline entry. only time will tell.

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[Source: Gematsu]

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