My Hero Academia Swoops Into Fortnite Today

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Fortnite is crossing over with another big anime. This time, the protector of my hero academia Join the fight. Starting today, you can rack up victory royales as characters from the hit series, compete in a new game mode, and earn rewards by completing special challenges.

You can buy costumes for Iizuka Midoriya, All Might, Katsuki Bakugo and Ochako Uraraka. Each comes with matching back bling and pickaxe. New items include Deku’s Smash item, which allows players to smash opponents and structures by challenging the One For All’s power. You can also choose two new emotes: Peace Symbol and Hero Analysis. All Might will also be showering supply drops full of loot onto the battlefield.

You can sharpen your super hero skills in hero training gym. This new Creative Mode lets players choose one of three classes to face other players in team battles. You will earn rescue points for your team by eliminating players or capturing rescue zones that appear in the arena. The first team to earn 100 points wins the challenge.

XP and special items are earned by completing My Hero Academia’s limited-time quests in either Battle Royale mode or the Hero Training Gym. These missions are:

  • Complete the quest “Help eliminate opponents on Hero Training Gym Island” to earn Deku Spray.
  • Complete the “Safe Rescue Point on Hero Training Gym Island” quest to earn Plus Ultra Spray.
  • Complete all four of the My Hero Academia quests to earn the Deku’s Glove emoticon.
  • Complete a total of eight My Hero Academia Quests to earn the UA Cape Back bling.

of fortnite my hero academia The event will continue till December 29.

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