New Dragon Age: Absolution Trailer Reveals December Premiere Date

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Dragon Age: Absolution Coming to Netflix on December 9th. A new trailer provides a deeper look into the premise and new heroes of the adult animated series.

The story centers on Mary, a mercenary noble and former slave who is tasked with stealing a powerful and dangerous artifact. When the robbery goes awry, the situation turns into a major battle for survival for Mary and her friends. Set in Twinter, the show features an original cast of heroes and, potentially, some old favorites (at 0:45 the characters look like Cassandra and Leliana). Check out the trailer below.

first announced During Netflix Geeked Week in June, Dragon Age: AbsolutionThe cast includes Kimberly Brooks (Miriam), Matthew Mercer (Fairbanks), Ashley Burch (Quidion), Phil Lamarr (Roland), and Josh Keaton (Rezren). The series consists of six 30-minute episodes.

Although steeped in Dragon Age lore, it remains to be seen whether the show has any connection to the upcoming Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, Freedom Netflix is ​​far from the only video game adaptation in the works. cg animated sonic prime Also premieres in December. The streaming giant also announced a live-action gears of war movie And its own animated series.

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