New MultiVersus Trailer Reveals Morty Smith Is Now In The Game

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Morty Smith from the popular cartoon rick and morty The now free-to-play Stage Fighter is a playable character in the Multiverse.

This news comes from a new Morty-focused trailer from Multiverse that shows the fighter in action. It includes a look at how he plays as a Bruiser class brawler, complete with a muscle-enhanced left hand “Armothy” and “Plumbus” all-purpose alien device.

Watch more of these moves in the trailer below,

“Morty, the teenage grandson of mega-talented scientist Rick Sanchez, arrives as part of Multiverse Season 1 and is a bruiser-class character with more than a few tricks up his sleeve,” read a press release. Mortise Moveset, featured in a newly released gameplay trailer, blends skills and attacks from her muscular-enhanced left-handed ‘Armothy’ and ‘Plumbus’ all-purpose alien device, the ability to whip herself. is for. The use of opponents and various projectiles.”

The trailer also reveals the President Morty character variant, which is available as an in-game purchase right now.

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