New Sonic Frontiers Patch Brings Bug Fixes And Additional Optimization To The Game

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Sega released Sonic Frontiers earlier this month and while fans are having a lot of fun with this new open world-ish take on Blue Blur, they’re also running into some bugs. Fortunately, Sega is releasing a new Sonic Frontiers patch on all platforms to address some of these bugs and bring additional optimizations to the game.

This news comes in a new way Tweet The official Japanese Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account reveals that update 1.10 “fixes an issue where the boss would sometimes disappear when attempting the boss fight on Chronos Island,” as reported video game chronicle, The update is already live on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 and is expected to roll out to other platforms soon.

Other improvements in the 1.10 patch include fixing the Chaos Island map to display properly after clearing the island, fixing crashing bugs and audio issues, adding UI improvements, optimizing stability and performance, and more . update nutsas noted VGC,

While waiting for the patch to download, read sports informer sonic frontiers review and then check out our Top 10 tips to help you build momentum In play.

[Source: Video Games Chronicle]

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