New Splinter Cell Remake Concept Art And Details Revealed In Anniversary Video

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Ubisoft celebrated the 20th anniversary of Splinter Cell by releasing a new video on the series and discussing its upcoming remake. The video revealed some details on the status of the project as well as some early images.

splinter cell remake first announced last December, but we know little about it other than it was recreated from scratch in the Snowdrop engine (used to make The Division, Mario + Rabbids games). In the video, the team says that the experience will be similar to the 2002 title but that it is looking to implement improvements and features introduced in later Splinter Cell titles as well as smooth out some of the rough edges. For example, the team may want to give players more opportunities to defuse the situation when things go bad instead of receiving an immediate game over.

The dev team also shares that the project is still in the early prototyping stage. As such, the studio will be going dark “for a while” to focus on making the game, so it’ll be a good while before we hear anything about the remake again. In the meantime, you can take a look at the gallery of new concept images shared during the presentation below.

Splinter Cell does not have a release window or announced platform. This remake is just one of many to come, and you can keep up with them all by checking out our remake Big List of Upcoming Video Game Remakes,

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