Paranormal Tales Is An Eerie Bodycam-Style Horror Game

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Paranormal Tales is an upcoming indie horror game with a unique perspective twist. Players experience first-person adventures through the lens of a body camera to provide a more realistic, claustrophobic trek into their terrifying world.

The game, created by two designers, takes inspiration from found footage movies. The name shares the same initials as PT, which I cannot imagine is a coincidence. Players trace a series of video files as they control a man searching for his lost dog, Teddy. Expect to encounter some pretty creepy incidents, and the realistic graphics (rendered in Unreal Engine 5) are intended to effectively sell the bodycam perspective. Watch the trailer below if you want to grow some hair.

Paranormal Tales has no release window and has only been confirmed for PC as of now. What do you think about the bodycam genre in video games? Tell us in the comments!

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