Pokémon TCG Live App Now Available In Beta Worldwide

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The long-awaited Pokémon Trading Card Game Live app is now available in beta worldwide on PC and mobile devices after a staggered rollout last month. A successor to the now defunct Pokémon Trading Card Game Online game has been in the works since reveal last September.

For fans of previous mobile games, TCG Live aims to deliver a more polished, robust digital card game experience. You can collect cards by either scanning code cards or purchasing booster packs with digital currency earned in the game by completing quests and working through the battle pass.

Players represent themselves with a customizable avatar and can challenge players to matches around the world. It also sports a very attractive presentation. Essentially, TCG Live is set up as the Pokémon equivalent of modern card game apps like Magic: The Gathering Arena and Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel. Watch the original teaser trailer below.

Since the game is in beta, updates are expected to roll out in the coming weeks/months. Pokemon TCG Live can be played on iOS, Android and can be downloaded on PC.

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