Pokémon Trading Card Game Announces Changes, Improvements, And Price Increase For Scarlet And Violet Expansions

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The Pokémon Company has announced a number of changes coming to the Pokémon Trading Card Game, starting with the first expansion to the Scarlet and Violet series back in March. In addition to the prior gameplay mechanics announced for the series at the Pokémon World Championships in August, players can expect a number of changes to the cards and the packs they are placed in.

First, those yellow borders will become a thing of the past for American players and collectors. Starting with Scarlet and Violet, the borders will be gray to match the Japanese cards. The move is said to provide a more seamless experience for the Pokémon Trading Card Game while placing more emphasis on the actual artwork of the cards. Additionally, Trainer cards will now have subcategories displayed in the top left corner of the card for greater visibility in players’ hands; Examples given for this include Supporter, Item, and Stadium. Basic energy cards will have another energy symbol in the bottom right for easier tracking during gameplay, and the expansion symbol will be replaced with the expansion code and language code on all cards.

However, some sour-sweet news is also coming with this announcement. The bitter part is that the booster pack price is going from $3.99 to $4.49, a ploy by The Pokémon Company to account for global inflation affecting the cost of ingredients and production. Going forward, the price of other products may also increase. The sweet side of this news, however, is that the Pokémon TCG team will be looking to increase the number of guaranteed foil cards per pack to three. Now, all cards with a rarity of “Rare” or higher will be foils. Additionally, larger box items, such as the Elite Trainer Box, will include additional items. For example, the Elite Trainer Box will include an additional booster pack and full-art promo card.

In case you’re going to miss Yellow Border, the Sword & Shield – Silver Tempest expansion launched last month, and we expect to get the final Sword & Shield expansion, Crown Zenith, in January. After that, the Pokémon Trading Card Game looks to shift gears to fully embrace the Gen 9 game, along with all of the changes mentioned above, with the first Scarlet and Violet expansion coming March 31st.

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