Prepare For A Beautiful Journey With A New Season: A Letter To The Future Story Trailer

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Developer Scavengers Studios revealed last month It’s Releasing Seasons: A Letter to the Future on January 31And now, just weeks before that, the studio has released a trailer for a gorgeous new story.

This new trailer offers another beautiful glimpse into the season’s pictorial world while providing new details about what our heroes are doing: collecting the end of Earth and the last people living on it. She attempts to capture their final moments in her journal and with her camera, aiming to discover why they are still around and, ultimately, what drives them. It looks like quite an emotional journey.

Watch the new season: A Letter to the Future story trailer for yourself below,

As you can see, the season is shaping up to be something special. Luckily, we won’t have to wait long to find out as it hits PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC on January 31st.

For starters, the season is about the young woman, shown in the trailer above, who leaves her secluded village to explore the world by bike for the first time in her life. She wants to collect the memories of this world before a massive cataclysm that will destroy it.

The trailer above reveals three new characters and Scavengers Studios provided some additional details on them:

  • KochiA young boy takes you on a bicycle tour of a canyon the day before the flood.
  • mytora, an outdoorsman artist, documents the story of the valley through her sculptures. You are the only witness to its last fragment.
  • easel Tieng is the last monk of the valley. Left behind by his teachers and friends, the easel waits for the weather to change in isolation, with nothing to pray for until your arrival.

The game’s creative director Kevin Sullivan and lead producer Margherita Cicciano wrote in a joint statement, “This project would not exist without the series of miraculous people who make up our team, who lifted us up and poured their full souls into the game. ” “We’re so grateful for them and so excited for players to collate stories and memories from the world fading away from the warmth of the season. Now is a time to rest, a time to call home.”

For more information about Seasons, Watch the reveal trailer here and then watch this trailer Released last summer.

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