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The aroma of the seasoned meat makes stomachs rumble, and you soon find your restaurant filling up with hungry patrons. They dig their teeth into the lush trees, wondering why they’ve never tasted anything like it before. Your establishment’s exotic flavor spread quickly, and you’ll soon have to expand your operations with more tables and better meat-chopping capabilities for guests. This thriving eatery is oddly attached to a cute little tailor shop that doubles as your meat supplier. Anyone known for fitting in gets a taste of a sharp blade, and their corpse is dumped in the cellar, shredded, and turned into a delicious steak or meat pie.

Ravens Devils tells the story of a serial killer tailor and his beloved chef wife, who both want to become rich, no matter the cost. The game is as disturbing and bloody as it sounds – you witness moments of brutal murders, mutilations, and witness storylines that are downright chilling. Part Sweeney Todd And part cooking simulator, Raven’s Devils conquered me with a story that went “Will they get caught?” and intense timer-based gameplay that continually rewards you with new interactions and possibilities. Developer Bad Vice Games has created a deep and vivid experience that nails progress, so frequent gameplay interactions don’t feel like they outweigh their welcome.

Macabre cooking flows well, unfolding like an old point-and-click adventure game where you just tell the characters where to go and what to catch. The simplicity works, Hildred, allowing the chef to grab a slab of human flesh, mix it with other ingredients, and then place it in the oven. Percival, the tailor, can sew clothes, murder people with his scissors, and turn to a garden. With just the click of a button, you can switch controls freely between these twisted spirits.

The goal is to keep clothing store and restaurant shelves full of items. When people enter any establishment, a timer appears on their head and ticks while waiting for the item they want. The faster you supply them, the more money they give you in return – an exchange that fires all your movements, allowing you to quickly bounce between the two jobs to ensure that Percival and Hildred Both are tough at work. If you don’t find them in time, and they end up unsatisfied, you take a hit in reputation.

The flow of the game is divided into days, each lasting no more than 10 minutes. This short burst of hustle and bustle seems just right given the excited motion. No slayer pairing tasks require a lot of handholding and it’s all about timing. You don’t want any second of a day to be wasted. The goal is to maximize time and figure out how to bounce between tasks for each guest to care. It is a fun and chaotic dance of cooking and sewing.

At the end of the workday, you close the shop doors and it’s time to spend your hard earned money on easy upgrades. You can improve your meat grinder to produce more meat, add more mannequins to sell clothes, and plant new vegetables in the greenhouse. You can also splurge on things like wine that calms the nerves of waiting shoppers, hire an assistant to serve the table, and even adopt a cat to catch rats. (which you can turn into a treat for the guests).

Most upgrades bring in more money per sale and increase the overall difficulty – a nice design touch that ties the tension together as a reward. For example, adding more ingredients creates a more expensive dish that takes longer to prepare. Adding tables for people to sit creates a backlog of orders that you have to scramble to get served—a fun process that blows time.

As easy as moving the cursor, some of the frustration comes from its accuracy and timing of being able to link to the next task. I did run into those moments from time to time where I would click on the meat I wanted to serve and then workstation to plant it. Instead of grabbing the meat, Hildred would have gone to the workstation and grabbed the plate instead. It’s only a 15-second mistake, but it’s enough to cause chaos.

As all the cooking and sewing madness unfolds, you periodically receive letters from a mysterious man named “Jay”. He knows what you are doing and he is a big fan of you. His interest in you gets worse with each document you read. The game’s ending leaves a lot to be desired, but it was fun to follow the narrative journey of creation and help me stomach the twisted material, which impresses how carefully plotted it is and It has been taken out.

The gore can be too extreme and sometimes nauseous, but the decent animations, good looking restaurants, and compelling narrative pushed me through to the final cut. Ravens Devils is unlike anything out there, and it won’t be for everyone, but there’s no denying that it’s a well-made and oddly enjoyable experience.

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