Resident Evil 4’s Remake Looks Stunning In New Story Trailer

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Capcom held a special Resident Evil Showcase yesterday, revealing more details about the upcoming Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, that game’s Shadow of Rose DLC and its Resident Evil 4 remake.

capcom Turns out it was remaking the beloved classic earlier this year, giving it a March 24, 2023 release date. Now, the company has released a second trailer for Resident Evil 4 and simply put, the game looks amazing. It was no surprise when Capcom revealed that it was making a remake of Resident Evil 4—it was next in line after all—but given how well the original was supposed to be, a lot of people were skeptical. That this remake will live up to its legacy. If tomorrow’s trailer is any indication, Capcom is ready to prove skeptics wrong.

Watch the new Resident Evil 4 Remake trailer for yourself below,

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What do you think of the remake character design in this new trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

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