Risk Of Rain Is Getting A Remake

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2013’s Risk of Rain is getting an even better remake, and it’s coming up next year to celebrate its 10th birthday. Titled Risk of Rain Returns, it develops the original with improved art, new survivors, and more.

announced during the Nintendo House of Indies: Holiday Event Day 2 Today, Risk of Rain Returns expands on the first game, applying the lessons and improvements from Risk of Rain 2. Chris Christodoulou. It also has improved multiplayer, with other content updates to be shared in the future. Watch the animated announcement trailer below.

In a press release, Duncan Drummond, co-founder of Hopu Games, states that, “As developers chart our future, it was important for us to look back at our early work. Risk of Rain Returns is at the heart of this incredible A small token of our appreciation to the community. We hope everyone is as excited about the future as we are.” Despite still being developed by Hopu, Risk of Rain Returns will be published by Gearbox.

Risk of Rain Returns will be available on Switch and PC. To learn more, check out our review for Basic Risk of Rain here, Be sure to also visit our growing list upcoming video game remake,

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