Saturnalia, An Indie Horror With An Art Style You Have To See, Captures October Release Date

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Saturnalia is an upcoming Survival horror game with an extremely unique art style announced last month. Now, we know when we can play it as Saturnalia captures an October 27 release date.

Only then will it hit PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC (via the Epic Games Store). Developed by Italy-based studio Santa Ragione, the team behind games like Photonica, Mirrormoon EP, and wheels of aureliaSaturnalia is shaping up to be a great time. You can find out why in the New Gameplay Today segment we recorded about Saturnalia, featuring over 15 minutes of gameplay, below:

,[Saturnalia] is a kaleidoscope adventure inspired in equal parts by authentic Sardinian folklore and classic Italian live Horror films,” read a press release. “The story involves a mysterious, centuries-old ritual that takes place every year on the night of the winter solstice in the Italian village of Gravoie. Each of the game’s four playable characters must use their unique abilities and face their own individual revelations to uncover the secrets plaguing the city and ultimately avoid its destruction.”

Here are some additional Saturnalia highlights from Santa Ragone:

  • look for clues In a maze-like village with no markers or compasses to guide your steps.
  • find Gravoi. the ever changing city Using matches to keep the darkness out.
  • flight and stealth Your only option is because you can’t fight being who hunts you.
  • immerse yourself in deadlock Animation And lively expressionist art style of celebration of joy For a very beautiful environment that is as thrilling as it is cool.
  • control your destiny through non-linear progression And a dynamic, adaptive narrativeWith unique endgames depending on the player’s choice.

Saturnalia hits PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Switch and PC via the Epic Games Store on October 27th.

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