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In this segment of New Gameplay Today, your host, sports informer Associate Editor Wesley LeBlanc, tells you how Saturnalia works as both a survival horror game and a roguelike. In it, you’ll see that she controls Anita, one of the game’s many playable characters, as she searches for her mate in the small Italian town of Sardinia.

Unfortunately for Anita, this is not a great time to be in town as some strange ritualistic things are happening. This translates to a terrifying creature that chases Anita and others in the dark of night and you must avoid it while you are alive as you search for clues to end this night of terror and misery.

In the New Gameplay Today segment below, we have over 15 minutes of brand new Saturnalia footage to show off. enjoy!

Saturnalia is being developed and published by Santa Ragione. It’s due out sometime this year exclusively on PC via the Epic Games Store. for more information, Watch Saturnalia Reveal Trailer,

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