Stadia-Exclusive Gylt Goes Multiplatform Next Year

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Last week, Google announced that it plans to stop Stadia on 18 January. One of the lesser-known casualties of the news was that Tequila Works’ gilt, a horror adventure game and the first Stadia-exclusive title, will disappear entirely. Thankfully, that won’t happen.

Tequila Works has confirmed that it plans to make Gylt multiplatform in 2023. It doesn’t specify which platforms the game will be available on, but it’s a relief to know that one of Stadia’s few original gems won’t be lost to history.

Gylt was launched along with Stadia in November 2019. It stars a young girl named Sally who searches for her missing cousin in a town haunted by evil spirits. The narrative also makes a comment on bullying and depression. The game’s liveliness and art direction evoke films such as Coraline Or the animated works of Tim Burton and channel games like Inside and Silent Hill. The gameplay emphasizes stealth, in which players use a flashlight to defeat enemies. Despite its more innocent vibe, the game has some really creepy moments, and I personally found it a pleasant horror romp.

Will you check out Gylt before Stadia shuts down or wait to play it elsewhere next year? Tell us in the comments!

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