The Callisto Protocol Will Get New Game Plus, Hardcore Mode, Story Content, And More As DLC

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callisto protocol, Spiritual successor to Glenn Scofield’s Dead Space seriesIt’s finally out and to celebrate the day, Striking Distance Studios has released a content plan detailing six months of DLC for the game.

As previously announced, Callisto Protocol’s season pass DLC will feature brand new death animations, likely featured in the game’s new story content. According to this new content timeline, that additional story is expected to release next summer. Before that, though, all players will receive New Game+ and a Hardcore mode, while Season Pass owners will also get the Skin Collection, Contagion Bundle, Riot Bundle, and the aforementioned story content on the outside.

As you can see, the content flow starts in February and appears to last through the summer of the following year. In the meantime, read our thoughts on the game sports informer Callisto Protocol Review and then Watch this 83-question rapid-fire interview with the director of The Callisto Protocol,

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