The Last Of Us Episode 2 Broke A Massive Record For HBO

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Last week, last of us’ Premiere marks HBO’s second biggest opening For an original series from 2010. And Now, Episode 2 of last of us“Infected,” has broken another HBO record.

“Infected” brought in 5.7 million viewers across HBO and HBO Max streams, up 22% from the previous week’s 4.7 million premiere. The increase is the largest increase in viewers from episode one to episode two for an original drama series on HBO in the network’s history, as previously reported. Diversity, HBO calls it “the largest audience growth for an HBO Original Drama Series in the network’s history”, which points to widespread success ahead. the last of us.

Oddly enough, even though HBO is usually quick to capitalize on the series’ success with the announcement of a second or sequel season, it hasn’t done so yet. last of usAlthough every sign points to a green light for Season 2.

episode 1 of last of us Last week crossed 10 million views after just two days and now, Diversity It’s reportedly tracking 18 million, which is almost four times its premiere night audience.

While you wait for this week’s episode, read our interview with game co-creator Neil Druckmann and Joel actor Pedro Pascal How The Last of Us Was Adapted for TVand then read about how have no plans last of us show to go beyond games,

[Source: Variety]

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