Trinity Fusion Is A Promising Upcoming Futuristic Action-Roguelite And Its First Beta Begins Today

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Trinity Fusion is an upcoming futuristic sci-fi action-roguelite that looks great, and its first closed beta starts today.

Developer Angry Mob Games announced today You can sign up for the beta nowWhich will run till 24 November. If you don’t make it into this round of Playtesting, don’t worry – you can get an invite to access the second closed beta starting December 6th. It will run till 13 December. Before signing up, though, watch the Trinity Fusion trailer below:

As you can see, the Trinity Fusion looks like a fun and stylish take on the ever-growing roguelite genre, bringing in some Strider vibes with a dash of Trine as well.

A press release about the game reads, “Set in three fractured versions of the game world, Trinity Fusion puts players in the role of Hitchhiker, a cross-dimensional traveler who is physically connected to three parallel selves.” joined.” “To prevent the total destruction of the multiverse, he must combine his different realities together with those of his alternate identities and prevent their timelines from collapsing on each other.

“Each of the three realities comes with not only its own unique challenges, but also a unique version of the Hitchhiker, complete with its own weapons and abilities. Deploy equipment that causes enemies to suffer the effects of the situation.” Deal massive bursts of damage at a distance. Ranged weapons, or fight up close with blades and hammers – each style of attack brings you closer to reversing the doom of the multiverse.

Here are some additional Trinity Fusion highlights from Angry Mob Games:

  • A journey through the multiverse – Fight through a combination of procedurally generated levels and hand-crafted stages and arenas that will put your skills to the test. 3D graphics and a dark science-fiction aesthetic combine to create an engrossing world of hostile opponents and decaying futuristic visions.
  • high intensity combat Use sophisticated weapon designs and attack systems that take advantage of previous experience in the fighting-game genre of Angry Mob games. You’ll slide, dash and dodge between enemy attacks and strike back with an arsenal of satisfying special weapons and abilities.
  • Three heroines, three universes – Hitchhikers parallel each have their own world with multiple biomes to explore. Travel through a universe of desolate wastes and caves roamed by mutated creatures, escape the endless forges and laboratories of a world ruled by machines, and escape the dangerous sky cities in the aftermath of human society.
  • continuous progress Unlock permanent upgrades in the Hub and discover new starting points for your runs as you reclaim key locations in each universe. Finding yourself stuck in a zone? Start your next run in a different reality!

You can sign up for the Trinity Fusion closed beta Here,

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