Wanderful Is A ‘Cozy-Builder’ That Looks As Fun As It Does Cute

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Developer Tiny Roar and publisher Daedalic Entertainment have revealed the upcoming “casual-builder” Wanderful in what looks like an engaging and relaxing time.

Tiny Roar describes the game as “an enjoyable and expansive building and exploration game” where you lay tiles to expand your world with small adventures and big surprises for your characters to uncover. Using these tiles, you can create “unique story-multiverses” at your own pace. If you want to play fast and loose, you can; If you want to play it strategically, laying out every tile in such a way that your story planning turns out to be flawed, you might as well, it seems.

Watch the Wonderful Reveal trailer for yourself below,

“Tiny Roar is committed to exploring new ways to tell stories through gameplay mechanics and interactions with the world and its inhabitants,” reads a press release. “Wonderful is like a book full of stories just waiting to be told. With each tile you place, you turn a page and create a whole new adventure for little explorers roaming your world.” Build your own story and gradually shape their experiences by discovering this cozy building, tile by tile.

“Wonderful is the perfect game for breaking down the wind and speed. Watch your explorers uncover mysteries and marvel at the landscape in sessions lasting five to thirty minutes. Build a unique story-multiverse at your own pace: strategic Play creatively, slow down, or race through the game to beat your own highscore. Thanks to the many unlockable biomes, tiles, and wonders, no two seasons will be the sameā€”even if you’re one Want to build a peaceful village or a secret laboratory in the middle of the desert.”

Here’s a list of the main features of Wonderful straight from Tiny Roar,

  • Build a vast world full of small adventures with big surprises
  • Relaxing and soothing gameplay
  • Session length between 5-30 minutes
  • Play smart or just build your perfect little world
  • Try to beat your adventurous high score with each new run
  • Lots of unlockable biomes, tiles and wonders
  • Impress the soundtrack with the tiles you place
  • Flexible camera system that lets you enjoy the view

The art style intrigued me, but being able to influence the game’s soundtrack with the tiles I placed has sold me into trying out the game when it hits Steam Early Access in the future. For when, it remains unknown, and while the game’s preview period will be on Steam, Tiny Roar says the finished 1.0 version will arrive on all platforms.

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