Atomic Heart Dazzles In Action-Packed Combat Trailer

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Atomic Hearts resurfaced during Gamescom with a new trailer devoted entirely to showcasing its impressive, BioShock-esque combat. Over three minutes of gameplay footage shows you performing against both artificial and biological opponents.

Players use melee or firearms in one hand, shall we say, unorthodox abilities in the other. This includes electrifying targets with bolts of lightning, hurling them with power like telekinesis, freezing solid enemies with ice blasts, or using wires to hijack machines. The action-packed video shows how players can creatively add to their arsenal and remove anything that comes their way.

Atomic Heart was first announced in 2018 and takes place in 1955 in an alternate futuristic version of the Soviet Union. Robotic technology flourished after World War II, which allowed humanity to create a high-tech utopia. Unfortunately, these mechanical helpers have begun to rebel against their human creators. If that wasn’t enough, assassin mutants born out of covert experiments have also gone amok. Players control private agent P-3, who sets out on a secret mission to eliminate and clean up this seemingly perfect society of mess.

Atomic Heart launches this fall for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It’s also launching on Xbox Game Pass.

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