Netflix’s ‘Resident Evil’ Series Canceled After Just One Season

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Netflix has reportedly canceled it domestic wicked series after just one season.

This news comes from a report time limit, which reports that Netflix has decided not to go ahead with the second season of the show after the release of Season 1 last month. As of now, there’s no official reason yet, but given Netflix’s past, it’s likely that domestic wicked Did not live up to expectations in terms of both critical and audience response. The show will now join the many other shows canceled after just one season in the streamer Cowboy Bebop, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistanceeven more.

time limit note that resident evils The much-anticipated season 4 of Stranger releases just after things, which may have led to its less-than-stellar first weekend on the service. However, the series still started at the number two spot, behind strange thingsPulling in 72.7 million clock hours. time limit Reports Viewed by Viewers domestic wicked for 73.3 million hours in its second week, taking the number three spot on Netflix, before dropping out of the Netflix top 10 for week three.

However, this isn’t Netflix’s first foray into the world of Resident Evil. its 2021 movie, resident evil infinite darkness, holds that title, but that anime series was also not well received. For more information on the series, check it out Retrospective video that looks behind 25 years of Resident Evil,

[Source: Deadline]

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