Nobody Saves The World’s Frozen Hearth Expansion Adds A New Region, Forms, And More

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Drinkbox Studios’ Nobody Saves the World is getting a shot in the arm through a new expansion coming next month. Dubbed Frozen Heath, this update adds new forms, challenges, and a whole new area to explore.

Frozen Hearthstone takes place in an underground area that hosts The Tempering, a series of trials that include combat challenges and puzzles. Overcoming this competition is rewarded with two new variants: Killer Bee and Mechanic, which can be used in the main game.

On September 13th, you can purchase the Frozen Hearthstone expansion separately for $4.99 or pick it up bundled with the main game for $27.99.

Nobody Saved the World launched in January and became one of our early favorites of 2022. Former editor John Carson gave the game 8.25 out of 10, writing that review He,

“Despite its minor shortcomings, Nobody Saves the World kept me thrilled from start to finish as I leveled my way through the form ranks to the next body or ability to work. It’s most fun when cuddly but approachable Unraveling battle scenarios, keeping me on my toes to find the best solution to survive. Thankfully, it justified the time it took me to save this strange little world, a lot of those incredible loops Gave. “

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